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Our Story

Our brave soldiers are overseas fighting to make the world a more peaceful place for all of us. A place where our children can grow up not having to constanly worry about suicide bombings, or look at someone differently because of their race or religion. A place where freedom will ring forever.

As civilians, many of us want to do something to help out, but aren't sure what. This is how the founder of Operation Bundles of Joy, Patricia F. Ryan felt. When her niece, Jacklyn came to visit her one day, she found her answer.

Jacklyn was here in the states, and was 8 months pregnant. Her husband, Jeff, was in Germany recovering from an injury he sustained while on duty in Iraq. Patti quickly got to work making a christening outfit for her new grand-niece, and the seed for Bundles Of Joy was planted.

When Patti gave birth to twins in August of 1995, she received two pacakges filled with baby items, most of them hand made, from The Sisters Of Charity. Almost ten years later, she still had not forgotten how special those packages were to her. Thinking of those packages gave her a mission.

As a member of the Sunshine Quilters, she knew that she would be receiving quilt squares from all over the U.S. in Decmeber, 2004.  She would use this as a starting point to get the project started, and in the meantime, worked on numerous other baby items for the project. She also contacted the Armed Forces Foundation to see if they could help with distribution, and they agreed.

With the support of her family, and friends, both local and on-line, and the Armed Forces Foundation, Operation Bundles Of Joy has become a reality. We are starting to send out our first packages this week, and look forward to sending out many more. Along the way, we hope to meet new friends,and do our part to make the world a brighter place!  


Check Back With Us

Bundles Of Joy is still growing! Be sure to check back with us for updates and new pictures!



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